Update v6

New update is out! Android version will follow soon! Changelog:

  1. Fixed talking issue with ??? and shop guy
  2. Finished drone upgrade
  3. Added bot speed upgrade
  4. Added crystal shards
  5. Added use to the Bank (When having more then 25 coins in the bank, your bank balance will increase after a certain amount of time!)
  6. Added combo click system
  7. Fixed various bugs
  8. Added Shop 2
  9. Added 5 items in shop 2
  10. Added new cheat
  11. Updated some graphics
  12. Improved Volume Button
  13. Added secret when [doing things] 
  14. Improved potion graphic
  15. Implemened custom cheat code system
  16. Improved bot
  17. Fixed bug where music changes when starting a new game
  18. This sounds like nothing, but trust me, its one of the biggest updates yet!


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Nov 03, 2021
Windows Installer 96 MB
Nov 03, 2021

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