In Clicker, you have to click on a cute little button to get coins! With these coins, you can then buy upgrades to get more coins! There are also a ton of totally not unnecessary achievements! Have fun!

We have a Discord Server now!

Acces the website here:
Clicker! - Homepage

[This game is still in development.]


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how do i get shards?

Shards are gained with every achivement and also by clicking a lot :)

YOu just kind of get them over time haha


Thanks :0
Would be epic if you would rate the project and try my other projects too! :D

Also concider joining my discord server maybe if you like it πŸ‘€

Oh and do you have any tips? Cheers

i joined your discord (@SweetGD)

ima check out your other stuff too

Thanks! Glad to have you there :)


What are cheats use for?

You can use them for lots of things actually
Its just a little something for easter eggs. If i remember correctly, there is a cheat called soap (like, click on cheats and just type soap in it) that gives you a new skin in the shop. Not sure anymore tho.

For a cheat list, just join the discord server i will give them to you :p

whats the discord name ?

Its linked in the game description but just in case,


Yeah its cool

Ayo im back

It's been so long...


wait what

Wait how xD I dont remember even coding in an infinity display for the clicks lmao.


that all you got? :)

The real question is... How?

hours of clicking and hours of clicking the cpc potion

I think much more... Hours of using an autoclicker? πŸ˜…πŸ§


i dont use an autoclicker

Well then good job man!

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at the end of the credits, theres a typo "corse" which should be "course" otherwise, this is a brilliant game!!

Thank you very much! Will probably fix this haha

R u stilll working on the game ?

Kind of

Do u have any other projects ur working on or something ?

Oh wait ur fighting game

Hey sorry for the late reply ;-;
Yeah i am working on a golf game, a bullet hell game and a remake of this game but shh πŸ˜‰


oh nice im excited


good luck

Very coool gamme

Thank you very much!

do u make any other games 

I actually do! I am currently working on a fighting game with sport elements, but thats only a test for now :) Follow me for updates!

did you make this in scratch?

Yes :)

whats scratch

Its a software to make games without coding :)
Check it out at

is it free tho 

Yes it is totally free! Without any in app purchases either!

Nice thanks i will sertantly check it out

how did you get the game to be in apk form?

Look in the faq in the server :)

thanks a million

no Problem :) 

wait is it a one time payment per app?

like, if i wanted to update it, would i have to pay another 50?

click the box in the shop

cool game but is there a shop?

i found it xd

Oh haha. Sorry for not replying :p

and very cool game

Thank you very much :D

no problem

really liked the twist on the clicker game genre

Thanks :)


heheh another use for my auto clicker...

lmao. Auto clickers dont work, as far as i tested it tho. I literally dont know why xD

my auto clicker works for this

Ah That Is interesting. But I don’t care if someone uses it haha. Do it if you want to :p

my autoclicker works also

My aoutoclicker don't work 🀣🀣


nice a new update

Yep :D
Changelog / develog soon :)

Hey just wanted to ask why did you leave the discord server?

the thing is, i fell for a discord nitro scam it kinda sends everyone in dms or in any servers im in a link saying something like

lol i got free 3 months nitro from this link (insert link here)

someone probably kicked me or i just left out of shame i cant really remember so 2 weeks ago i decided to delete my discord account and make a new one because of it

Oh thats bad. Hope you will join with your new account again :) 

could i get the link?

Should be in the games description on this website πŸ€”

how did you allow players to play the game on this website?

you need to code and than make that a html file

i already know now

What is your scratch username

My scratch username is

I even published a slightly older version on scratch so that people can make remixes

mine is 100happee

why does the skin thing disappear when you buy the coin upgrade

Yeah they both are Based on the same code. Next update will fix it :)

Thx :D












pog (did you like the game btw? xD)

Deleted post

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Oh hey what did you need? haha


Hey :) 

Was there anything you need?

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