Update v4

oh. My. God. Literally this is a HUGE update!

I dont even know if anyone reads these haha. The changelog is below :)- Changed the Button to a snowy one on Winter 

- Changed Music of Main Menu 
- Added special Haloween events
- Changed Shop Drag Mechanic 
- Added random message every time you click on the shop dude
- Implemented Saving for CliX Upgrade
- Changed New game function (From type yes to hold mouse down)
- Implemented Saving for Buy Coins Button
- Changed Buy Coins to Get Coins
- Added new Halloween Event
- Removed 4 Achivements
- Added Skin Menu
- Added Rickroll at April Fools day
- Added a Christmas Song for the Shop at the 24th of December!
- Added a Christmas Gift that pops up at chrstmas!
- Added myself as a skin that appears only at my Birthday (Bad idea)
- Added "Home"
- Implemented new Rick Astley Skin 
- Implemented new April 1st event 
- Implemented costom cursor (WIP) 
- Added Santa Skin 
- Soap 
- Changed Shop Drag Mechanic 
- Remade the Background to be HD 
- Optimized costom cursor
- Added option to open shop with "s"
- Added Option to open Menu / Settings with M
- Added Saving to Bot upgrade)`

Also literally so many bug fixes and the game looks SO much better now!


For Android 18 MB
Aug 25, 2021
Clicker! (V4).zip 92 MB
Aug 25, 2021

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this game is criminally underrated

Thank you!

Oh may you also post this in the normal Comments? Almost no one reads these posts xD