Update v5

New [big shot] update!

The changelog :D

    1. Added advanced settings menu
    2. Added setting to turn off shop guy speech
    3. Added setting to turn off start screen
    4. Added setting to turn off achievements
    5. Changed "Money" to "Coins"
    6. Improved clicks text
    7. Implemented custom cursor (WIP)
    8. Implemented custom cursor (dynamic, WIP)
    9. Implemented setting to turn off custom cursor
    10. Added Swordfight test
    11. Changed clicks/money display
    12. Changed PC display
    13. Added settings to turn off button effects
    14. Improved costom cursor
    15. Brought back old unused alternative animation/sound when settings are opened
    16. Deleted custom cursor
    17. Changed custom cursor to not be scratch based 
    18. Fixed glitchy start screen
    19. Added test achievement menu 
    20. Added random main music
    21. Added music display
    22. Added music display on/off setting
    23. Deleted some achievements
    24. Added setting to turn auto-buy bot off
    25. Added setting to turn the bot off
    26. Added new songs
    27. Improved transition between tracks
    28. Added setting to go to the next track
    29. Added setting to stay on the current track
    30. Changed the looks of setting a bit
    31. Added sound to refund
    32. Changed sound when you reset your game
    33. Added ???
    34. Improved shadow of button
    35. Added Option to change color of the button
    36. Changed the credits text
    37. Fixed to-do list


    Android 48 MB
    Oct 05, 2021
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    Oct 05, 2021
    Windows 87 MB
    Oct 05, 2021

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