Update v4.2


  1. Improved Shop Dude Talking
  2. Changed Gradient BG to Old BG :smile: (I missed it)
  3. Fixed bug where skin button appeared when buying Upgrade 3 ._.
  4. Fixed bug where costs wouldnt show when exeting the newely added home
  5. Fixed Buy Bot not working when it should
  6. Fixed bug When closing the PC in the shop, costs variable appears
  7. Changed destroy to refund
  8. Fixed a bug where the ´refund button in the CliX upgrade was blinking
  9. Rewrote the whole code for the + rain to make them look much better
  10. Added new cheat code "Funnyeventsmighthappenwhentypinginthischeatcode"
  11. Added new animations to the button
  12. Added sound effects to new game button
  13. Changed click button to make it regonize better when you click
  14. To that, there apparently was a bug where a click didnt gave you points, but now it does!
  15. Added display for how muchn money you get
  16. Changed the amount of money you get slightley
  17. Added Sound to NPC when its talking
  18. Added Discord Button to the PC
  19. Added Skin for Discord Members
  20. Added simple Start Menu
  21. Added Discord Link Ability
  22. Added some Translation into Portuguese
  23. Fixed some bugs
  24. Removed the two furniture items again (bed and window) because i literally have to concentrate more on other features for now
  25. Finished Portuguese Translation (i hope)
  26. Implemented simple Mail system for news
  27. Added option to delete inbox for news
  28. Added installer instead of .zip
  29. Added credits


Windows Installer 73 MB
Sep 18, 2021
Clicker! - Modern (V4.2).html Play in browser
Sep 18, 2021
Android File 21 MB
Sep 18, 2021

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