Update v3

1. What is new?

  • Completely changed the Shop
  • Added new Upgrades
  • Added a Bank Account system
  • Added an "Old Mode" (Click my Name on the Title screen)
  • Changed the Title screen with Animations!
  • Added an "Ultra Old Mode" Back to the days when the clicker was bad! Press "O" to activate it!
  • You can now control the game with a Keyboard (a bit)
    • C = Click
    • Space = Buy
  • Added Saving! (Just kidding)

2. What is changed?

  • Better Graphics
  • Better SFX and VFX

3. Other Stuff i want to talk about

  • The Android version is not available at this point! Please stay tuned for when you can get it again
  • This is the Modern Clicker version, that means it has this new Background and the new shop
  • Thx for downloading the game and reading through this!

4. Secret update coming soon 🤫


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Jun 09, 2021

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