This game is a fan port of the Scratch game "Super Mario on Scratch Reboot 3" by DuckGoose9254! I am not the original creator of this, i only ported it over and added Widescreen. Please enjoy the game and follow the original creator on scratch! This is the original project:

Super Mario on Scratch 3 Reboot on Scratch (

His YouTube channel: DuckGoose - YouTube

Stuck? Here's the full walkthrough

How To Play: Walk (Left/Right, or A/D Keys) Jump (Up or W Keys) Wall Jump (Up or W key when sliding on a wall) Spin Jump (Space while in the air) Dive (Down/S While in the air)
Other Instructions: Jump on some enemies to defeat them, but don't get hit by them. Collect star coins that are in each level. Collect 30 coins or grab a heart to heal completely. Have a blast!

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Tags2D, Remake, Short, Singleplayer


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Dam try making your own game people mitght pay if it good!

Yep! Working one one right now :D
You could look at my other projects to see what i have done too :D

How do you add scratch projects in itch.I’m???

Hey man! Sorry for the ultra late reply, use the Turbowarp Packager! Just insert your project and follow the instructions :)


I’m sorry for my super late thank you!!!

Haha no worries :))